Kathy Hardin Earl, MHS, CADC, CODP II, Executive Director of Drexel Counseling Services, Inc., is imminently qualified to operate the various recovery homes, transitional living residences, and treatment operations under her control. She has been a professional serving the Cook County substance abuse population since 1994.

During this time, Ms. Hardin Earl worked in various addiction and mental health counseling capacities serving adults and youth. Her final nod as an employee was work as a Crisis Therapist. She is immensely proud of each opportunity afforded her. Those employment experiences helped her understand the impact a well-organized substance abuse services business could have upon adults and youth from surrounding communities.

Ms. Hardin Earl proceeded to build enduring substance abuse treatment relationships, expanded her knowledge of women’s issues, and continued to pursue education credentials needed to advance the dream of owning a recovery home for women. The transition from counseling professional to service provider began in 2002. That year Hardin House Women’s Chicago Recovery Homes was born. Mrs. Hardin Earl earned a Master of Health Sciences Degree in April of 2000.

Today, the 14-bed 2 storied Hardin House women’s recovery home has provided shelter and strategies to over 1,000 females wanting to sustain their recovery from drugs or alcohol. This edifice of sustainability still stands and continues to be an outstanding jewel in her recovery/treatment portfolio.

Ms. Hardin Earl opened Hardin House Men’s Transitional Living Residence in 2007. The Chicago based facility is also located on the Southside. It services approximately 200 men per year.

Ms. Hardin Earl opened Drexel Counseling Services in 2007 to service the Level I & Level II treatment, and methadone maintenance needs for the surrounding addiction community as well as those women residing in Hardin House #2 (opened 2015: serving 100 clients per year).

Ms. Hardin Earl has provided oversight to several treatment and recovery programs which is her passion. Her goal is to provide opportunities for substance dependent individuals in Cook County. She believes in helping to return these individuals to a normal state of physical and mental well-being, so they can live a clean and sober lifestyle.

Her Agency, Drexel Counseling Services, Incorporated, is CARF certified and SUPR funded (formally DASA). Her full-time staff consists of an Assistant Executive Director, 2 Physicians, 2 RN’s, 6 rotating part-time LPN’s, 12 Counselors, 3 House Managers, over a half dozen support and administration employees including an Office Manager, Human Resources Manager, and various other staff members completing the DCS/ HH Inc employment.

The clinic is staff with a laboratories for immediate toxicology screenings. The lab is operated by NTL Laboratories and has 2 full-time technicians ready to serve our patients.