For women and men in recovery and re-entry, one of the biggest challenges is learning to care for yourself. Hardin House understands what you’re going through and we’re here to help.

Located in Chicago, Hardin House invites residents to share resources and build a close-knit sober community. We are a licensed recovery program funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services, and we have program for returning citizens from the Illinois Department of Corrections.

As a therapeutic setting, we strive to provide each resident with a safe, nurturing environment where our clients can experience success. Our clinical and supportive services are always available to offer guidance and work through exciting and new issues.

At Hardin House, your days will be centered on group therapy, recovery meetings, and weekly sessions with your counselor. As you navigate recovery and re-entry, you’ll have the time and space to grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Hardin House offers:

• AA/NA groups
• Relapse prevention
• Assistance finding safe, stable housing
• Tools for getting back into the workforce
• Ongoing addiction treatment and support

Because Hardin House is not a treatment facility, our Residents will be receiving out-patient services, including MAT, for their Substance Use Disorders and for mental health issues, if needed, as well as their physical well-being. Not all applicants can be accepted for various reasons; – not meeting criteria, lack of an available bed, needing more structure that we can
provide, etc.

Inside Hardin House for women, residents will learn how to live and work together collaboratively. The residents will be assigned daily tasks that contribute to the daily rhythm of the household.

At Hardin House, our residents wake up each morning and engage in a wonderful morning meditation thanking our Higher Power for another day of being clean and free. Our daily morning meditations are critical to our re-entry and our continued sobriety.

Our residents learn how spend their days productively working toward their personal goals. They are encouraged to develop thoughtful ways of interacting with one another and those in the larger community.

Each resident will learn how to manage her life responsibly, by making and keeping her regular appointments, adhering to her own customized client centered treatment and service plan, and furthermore will be encouraged to seek out life enriching experiences that will promote both spiritual growth, and competence in various aspects of life. Many volunteers have offered their services in many ways to share their knowledge and expertise with the women residents.

Our programs are easily accessible for residents living in Hardin House. The Program provides transportation vans to make certain residents are adhering to directives and other stipulations that are customized to their program.

At Hardin House, our residents are immediately afforded the opportunity to secure Health Insurance through the Department of Social Services. Parole agents have access to residents returning from a period of incarceration and the focus is to remain in compliance without any challenges of recidivism.

Family and friends are allowed to visit on the weekends for a couple of hours. The residents enjoy outside group activities during their stay, and are often guests at theatrical performances and other exciting events in the City of Chicago.

Hardin House residents engage in Life Skill programs that are designed with their unique qualifications in mind. The programs offer introductions to job readiness and often has dozens of employers lined up to interview and hire, sometimes on the spot.